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Allen, Danny Country Music Postcard Collection

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 Verso reads "Ernest Tubb and daughter "Scooter Bill" (Elaine), 1944. they are posted by his touring vehicle reading "Ernest Tubb and his Texas Troubadours. Tubb was a country music singer and songwriter and performed on the Grand Ole Opry.


Postcard reads "Ernest Tubb, Texas' Smiling Troubadour KGKO, 570 Kilocycles, 11:45 A.M. Monday Through Friday" with a signature reading "Smilingly Yours, Ernest Tubb" and an image of Tubb in front of a microphone with a guitar. The postcard is addressed to Miss Mildred Bohannan of Rt. 1 Atoka, Oklahoma from Fort Worth Texas. KGKO advertised as the "Blue Ribbon Station of the Southwest."


Ernest Tubb and his sons posed on a chair at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Nashville, Tenn. There are records albums on the wall behind the sitters in the photograph.

circa 1963

Band photograph featuring Happy Hendershot, Al Skully, Al Knapp, and Bill Rice in a restaurant or bar posed with instruments. Donovon's Loop was likely a bar and night club in Cleveland, Ohio.

circa 1948

Harmony Ranch opened in Chagrin Falls, Ohio in July 1947. The ranch contained a a picnic ground, concessions, playground, and riding horses. Featured in this image is the covered dancefloor and outdoor stage. Music and entertainment came from "Victor and Continental recording artists-the WGAR Range Riders and the Polkateers," according to the grand opening advertisement. Performing is likely W.G.A.R. Range Riders featuring Ernest Benedict, Roy West, Lenny Sanders, Kerry Drazdik, Terry Tranell, and the Kendall Sisters. The Range Riders were based at Harmony Ranch and were a country western band. Benedict and the Kendall Sisters also performed with the Polkateers.

circa 1950

Skeeter Bonn was a country musician who played guitar and yodeled. He was originally from Illinois. He performed as a regular on WWVA Jamboree in Wheeling, West Virginia. The front of the postcard contains an image of him posing with his guitar and their is a signature and the verso has a sticker for the "Skeeter Bonn Fan Club Mrs. Helen Kay, Pres. 46 East Main Street, Hamburg, New York."

circa 1950

Floyd Woodhull was a square dance caller, band leader, and accordion player and is best known for square dancing. The Woodhull Boy's was created by Fred Woodhull and included his sons Floyd, Herbert, and John. The postcard reads "Dancing with the Woodhull Boys a the Old Barn, Elmira Heights, N.Y. Loads of Fun Every Saturday Nite" and has an image of the band and their instruments. The postcards also advertises for U.S. War Bonds and Stamps. The Old Barn was on Grand Central Avenue in Elmira, New York. The verso of the postcard reads "Dear Cousins, We are having a good time. Wish you were here. Love Nellie and Floyd. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mattison, Osceola, PA."


Yodeling Slim Clark was a country musician and yodeler from Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1953, Clark signed with Wheeling Records and put out four singles.

circa 1953

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